true love exist

wow, i have such an amazing job. i’m feeling so honoured that i’m able to post this entry. i’m so thankful for these moments.

my grandma and my grandpa are very old right now. i really love them. i grew up with them & we lived in one house together. i don’t now how old they will get. someday they have to go and i will stay here. the only thing who remains are the memories. the memories and emotions i captured on this day with my camera. i really get goosebumps when i think about the importance of the images… they frozen feelings- forever. how amazing is that?  images are so important. they are unpayable somedays. i really, really love my grandpartens. they are a couple for about 50 years and still so in love. for me they are the best example that true love exist. that there is an invisible connection between two persons. i try my best to make it visible. to make feelings and emotions visible. to be in between the moment and hold it , forever.